Why Men Like To See Their Wife Screw A stranger

Above is a homemade video of a 27 year old wife enjoying her first cuckold experience with a black guy. You can see just how much she enjoys the BBC and you can here her husband getting excited.

In a world that values monogamy above all else, and tries to quell the sexual desires of both men and women, one of the most taboo fetish experiences is what is colloquially known as “cuckolding” or “hot wifing”.  This is a scenario in which a typically married couple, look for an outside male partner to have sex with the wife as the husband watches. While seemingly completely counter intuitive to the tenants of love and marriage, cuckolding is actually quite popular in the sexual fetish community and we have many members here at Strangers4Sex who are in to it, and countless men and women wish to engage in the experience but do not know how to approach it. As strange as it may seem, there are actually reasons why a man would want to see his wife have sex with a stranger.

Like all taboos and fetishes, the initial attraction is stemmed from the fact that you’re “not supposed to be doing this.” With cuckolding, men often perceive this act as emasculating because no one should ever sleep with your wife, and women perceive it as disrespectful that their man would want to give them up to a stranger. However in the cuckolding community, the thrill for the man is seeing his woman being lusted after and appreciated in the way he does her. This creates a dynamic where you in fact feel power in seeing that another man so badly wants to sleep with your wife, receive pleasure from your wife, and that you have the power to green light the interaction.

The second dynamic is based in voyeurism. Cuckolding does not mean that the husband may not eventually enter the sexual encounter, but it is based in liking to watch. The man now gets a different perspective when seeing his wife in a sexual experience, and gets to enjoy watching her being pleasured by someone else. Sometimes the fetish is in fact rooted in emasculation, in which the husband wants to see a man he may perceive as “more alpha” than he is, in stature, status, or penis size, dominate his wife. This is a turn on because at the end of the evening, he still gets to leave with his wife and they part ways with the stranger, so ultimately he gets to usurp the traditional power dynamic in the end.

While not for everyone, there are many reasons why men like to see their wife screw a stranger. It’s mainly based on taboo, power dynamics, and voyeurism. Ultimately, it’s based on the thrill of expanding your intimate sexual experience into another realm. This is attractive to many couples who may feel bored and tied down in the routine that is brought about by monogamy.

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