I had sex with a stranger at a party

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One of the greatest sexual conquests that I’ve ever had in my life happened at a party. What makes it special is that I barely had to put any work in at all. There have been occasions when I’ve had to chase women down and seduce them in order to get them into bed. There have been other times when I’ve had to prove that I was the most alpha of all men around before they would even invite me anywhere near the bedroom. This one time, though, it was easy. It may have been the easiest lay I’ve ever had and it was one of the best.

What sets it apart from all of the other times is that I still have no idea who the woman was. You see, she was a total stranger and that’s part of the reason that it was so amazing. I don’t know her name and I don’t care to know. The things that we did to each other will always be special, but I have no intention of ever looking her in the eye again. I let all of my guard down and Continue reading I had sex with a stranger at a party

Top 5 Stranger sex stories that will get you horny

The next best thing to having sex with strangers is reading about other people having sex with strangers. There’s just something about hearing all of the sordid details and imagining yourself in that same position. Maybe you can even get yourself a few ideas for setting up your next encounter. No matter why you like them, here are five of the best stranger sex stories that you’ll ever be able to read: Continue reading Top 5 Stranger sex stories that will get you horny