Strangers Caught in a Sex Act on Delta Flight!

Some people are desperate to join the mile high club by any means necessary. This was the case on a Detroit bound Delta flight from Los Angeles, as a pair of strangers engaged in a lewd act on a plane full of passengers. The 28 year old man and 48 year old woman had just met, and according to the police report, tried to engage in sexually explicit behavior while hiding under a blanket.

A sleeping passenger next to them was unaware what was going on.  Other passengers attested to the woman being highly intoxicated, and the performance barely being hidden by the blanket. The behavior was in full view of other passengers, with another passenger saying, “I feel bad for the guy next to them. I guess he was sleeping.” The performance was not secretive in the least. Once discovered, the intoxicated woman was described as being “continuously disruptive” and “yelling and screaming” as she was hauled off the plane and put into the airport jail upon landing in Detroit. Continue reading Strangers Caught in a Sex Act on Delta Flight!