I watch my wife having sex with a stranger

No matter how much time you spend with your wife, you’re probably always wondering about how much better your sex life can be. Even if it’s perfectly satisfying, there’s always something that you can add to make it a little bit better. You could go the fetish route and start tying each other up or doling out spankings, or you could go quite a bit further. There’s no sense in trying the same things that couples all over the world have already attempted. If you really want something special, then you have to consider opening yourselves up to other people. It’s a very satisfying experience and it’s something that I’ve already done. if it’s something you’re thinking of then please register for free at our casual sex site!

What I honestly and truly enjoy more in this world than almost anything else is watching my wife have sex with strangers. And Strangers4Sex is perfect for finding men aka Bulls who don’t mind me watching. I love bringing home new people and letting her take them in with her eyes for the very first time. She never knows who’s going to walk through the door and that’s the way that I like it. I can always see what’s going through her mind when a brand new stranger enters her life. First, she’ll take in his entire body with her eyes. Then she’s going to start wondering what he looks like under his clothes. Finally, she’s going to wonder how big his dick is. This is where I really try to shine. I like to find the guys with the biggest dicks around to fuck her. Seeing that look on her face when she just doesn’t believe that she can take it all in, is priceless. She always manages to though. I guess it’s her super power. No matter how big the cock happens to be, she’s going to find a way to shove it into her pussy until it fills her with cum.

I can’t say where this fetish started for me, because I have no idea. I just know that I have a hot wife and I love to see her being taken. She has the perfect body for it. When I can sit back and watch her back arch and her face redden as she gets close to an orgasm, I’ve never been happier. The best part is that all of these guys are going to be gone in a few hours, but I get to stay and I get to take her again as soon as they leave. Take a few minutes and create a free account at S4S.

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