Ever had sex in front of strangers?

If you’ve ever had sex, then you probably know that it can always get better. If you’re looking for a surefire way to have the very best sex of your life, then you’re going to want to do it in front of strangers. It’s insane how much an audience can change your fucking for the better. Not only are you trying to get yourself and the person you’re with off, you’re also trying to give a show that no one is ever going to forget. It gets all of your senses involved for an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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It doesn’t matter how you get yourself in front of those strangers, either. There are plenty of ways to do it. All you have to do is pick the way that best suits you. You can choose to do it live, out if public, or you can do it on your web cam. You can do it in your car or you can do it right out in the open. The important part is that you get people watching you and enjoying everything that you’re doing. If they’ve already gone through the trouble of checking you out, chances are good that they’ll like what they see.

There are a few tricks to it, though. You can’t lie on top of someone and bang away like you normally would. You have to remember that you’re playing to an audience. They want to see all of the nasty action. Make sure you lift yourself up so they get a firsthand look at the penetration. They want to see it sliding it and out. Consider hooking her legs over your shoulders to show off everything that she has to offer. If you really want to know that you’re being watched, try doing it doggy style with the both of you looking them in the eye. It will enhance your pleasure a thousand fold.

There’s no simple way around how great it is to be watched, especially by strangers. You never know what they’re thinking or going to say. Just go at it like you normally would while making sure to give them a good show. If you really enjoy yourself, you can pick out your favorite spot and hit it up as often as you want. You could become the local attraction that everyone comes to check out. Simply click here to register for free at Strangers4Sex.

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