5 of the best stranger sex Tumblrs

There’s nothing at all wrong with Tumblrs that are dedicated to the fine art of sexing up strangers. In fact, they’re some the best that you can follow and you have no reason not to. They’re readily available and the fine men and women who run them are always ready to show off their exploits. Some like to focus on the business they get up to while others like to show themselves of to the entire world while keeping their identities. Much like a horny Superman whose kryptonite is public decency, these Tumblrs take it all the way and you get to catch all of the flashes. Here are some of the best:



I get to fuck whomever I want, while Hubby suffers in his chastity cage. We encourage you to reblog anything you like from our page. Hubby wants more and more men to see my naughty body.”. She never shows her face, so you’re never going to find out who she is. What you will be able to get are constant posts that show off every single inch of her body.


Bored UK Milfs

This Tumblr adds an additional level of naughty to your sticky internet time. In this instance, the account is run by a wife who likes to keep a cuckold as a husband. She’s totally married, but that never stops her from inviting complete strangers into her bedroom to bang the night away. Sometimes the hubby is there to watch and sometimes he’s away, but you can be sure that he’s always cucked to the extreme. You never know who’s going to come through her door and neither does she.


Essex Dogging

This British offering brings you complete stranger who meet in the park and bang until they’re sweaty and chaffed. Dogging is practically a past time in the U.K. and you get to have a front row seat to the public action.


British Cum Slags

This one is a Tumblr that you need to follow before you die. It’s run by a very lovely man who enjoys hosting sex parties and orgies. As you can imagine, you get pictures of complete strangers meeting in a strange bed for the very first time.


British Slut Kim

Finally, we get to a Tumblr that focuses on men bring their wives to public venues and making them suck off strangers in the parking lot. If you like it raw and you like it strange, this is where you get it.

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