20 pics of My Wife Fucks a stranger in front of me

Bliss is in the mood to make a few cocks stiff and that’s exactly what she’s going to do. She’s scheduled for a photo shoot, but she has a few tricks up her sleeves. She met a guy at the bus stop on her way from town and brought him home for some afternoon fun. If there’s one thing my wife loves to do it’s fucking a stranger and making me watch. She starts off fully clothed and things are going exactly like they’re supposed to. She leans forward and shows off her massive cleavage. The camera gets the perfect shot and she can see the photographer’s cock start to grown in his pants. Then she gets on her knees and opens her mouth to make him stiffen even more. Then it’s time to bring her plan into play.

She goes off script and rips off all of her clothes. Having sex with strangers gets my wife so excited.  It’s more than he is expecting and she can see a wet spot of precum start to form on his crotch. She knows that her plan has worked and she invites him to let his dick come out to play. He obliges and she happily grabs at it. She made it hard, so she’s going to be the one to take care of it. She stays on her back and starts to stroke it right over her hot body. In the end, she’s rewarded with a sloppy load.

Gallery from: Busty Bliss

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